Security films

Films that ensure the integrity of your documents

Our security films consist of carefully selected top-of-the-range polyesters and adhesive layers made up of co-polymers. These films form a strong bond with the substrate surface of the document, providing a state-of-the-art security barrier. We can add a wide range of visible (overt) and invisible (covert) verification features and tamper-proofing to these films, so that we can tailor the solution to address specific problems with counterfeiting or fraud. Our R&D department has tested a wide range of compositions of films and their various bonding properties.

We manufacture various formats such as

  • Bespoke security pouches for national ID cards, driving licenses or event IDs
  • Sheeted materials
  • Passport (transferrable) overlays
  • Security film rolls
  • Teslin security printed core material

Film applications

We offer a variety of bespoke overlays and pouches for security documents, including Teslin ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, residence permits, and election cards. CODOR is also your partner for all types of accreditation badges – from high-security encapsulated paper passes with security printing to Teslin core cards with polycarbonate overlay laminates. We’ll be more than happy to advise you on the best solution for your security document.

Over the years, we have provided turn-key accreditation solutions for a wide range of events. We are a proud supplier to events such as the FIFA World Cup Football, UEFA European Football Championship, and IIHF Ice hockey World Championships, as well as festivals such as World Youth Day Australia.

By combining our film products with our laminators, we can offer you a customized turn-key solution to meet all your security document protection needs.

Detailed information about our films

Security technologies

CODOR takes a comprehensive approach and we know all about the very latest in anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud technologies. By combining these technologies with the best-quality overlay materials, we can offer you the best solution for your document security challenges.

Ultraviolet ink

  • Invisible under normal lighting conditions
  • Fluorescent when exposed to a UV light source at a specific wavelength
  • Applied to specific areas on the film to protect the details of the document inside
  • One of the most commonly used protection features and very easy to verify
  • Provides a high level of protection against photocopying


  • Variable data is applied separately to each sheet or pouch
  • Unique sequential numbers provide easy document identification
  • Easy to trace during the issuing process
  • Available in many visible and invisible UV fluorescent colors


  • Security film is physically altered using text or bespoke design
  • An affordable way of enhancing the security level of your document
  • An area-specific feature is integrated into the structure of the film
  • Not only visible but also tangible
  • Easy verification


  • Can be applied to specific areas of the film
  • Intuitive authentication and easy validation of documents
  • This high-security optical feature is virtually impossible to counterfeit
  • Available with visible (overt), invisible (covert), and forensic security features
  • Multidimensional reflective capacity
  • Can be applied in registered or wallpaper patterns

Detailed information about our films

  • Our security films are available in different sizes, finishes, widths, and thicknesses
  • We apply customized, application-driven adhesives, suitable for a range of substrates and applications.
  • Films are available in a wide range of formats: sheets, pouches, or rolls
  • Our films are produced in-house, meaning rapid delivery and optimum quality control

We are fully committed to working closely with our customers and meeting all your document security needs. Our dedicated team is determined to achieve the best results and will always be there to advise you.

So why not talk to us about your document security challenge?