Laminators: the essential factor in securing your documents

Laminators play an essential role in guaranteeing the security of your documents, and our specialized security laminators are the best around. We have engineered a series of laminating machines to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements. Most of our laminators are designed to laminate passports, booklets, access cards, or identity cards. We can always supply the right machine – just let us know what type of documents you need to protect.

Reliable, adaptable & durable

Our laminating machines are exceptionally reliable and suitable for intensive use and are exceptionally reliable in terms of temperature and pressure. This makes our laminators unique!

Features of our laminators

  • Unique hybrid ceramic heating system.
  • Built-in sensors in the heating element which constantly measure the temperature and relay highly accurate information back to the control unit. This ensures that the heater is closely controlled and allows the machine to stabilize the laminating temperature throughout the entire process. The set-temperature range never exceeds +/- 2°C.
  • Diamond-coated heating elements for scratch-resistant performance.
  • Preset application-specific settings make these machines easy to operate; the settings cannot be altered by the operator, helping to guarantee consistency of quality
  • Extremely accurate lamination
  • Extremely short warm-up time

We can also provide you with the right security films, offering you a turn-key solution for all your document security needs.

Our standard range of laminators & cutters

LPB131-D Security laminator (for pouches)

  • Suitable for all kinds of security pouches up to DIN A6 size
  • 4 rolls with one heater station with 2 heating elements
  • Can be used to encapsulate documents with film of different thicknesses (up to 250micron)

LPB141-D Quadra-Hybrid Passport laminator (for booklets)

  • One of our best-selling laminators
  • Specifically designed for laminating (e-)passports
  • 6 rolls
  • 2 individually adjustable heating stations each with double heating elements
  • Suitable for practically all types of laminates & thin gauge holographic films
  • Handles sheeted as well as sewn-in overlay laminates
  • Built-in digital display to easily set or adjust the temperature
  • Individually adjustable temperature for front and rear heaters

LPB320 Hybrid Security laminator (for booklets)

  • Suitable for all kinds of security pouches up to DIN A3 size
  • 4 rolls with a single heater station consisting of a double heating element
  • Suitable for documents up to A3 or booklets wider than a standard ICAO passport

SuperSix Security Laminator (for numerous applications)

  • All-round 6-roll laminator
  • heavy-duty use
  • Suitable for documents up to A3
  • Especially suited to laminating Teslin with PET film or for thicker films


  • A high-capacity rotary punching machine
  • Punches laminated A3 or A4 Teslin sheets into credit card-sized passes (ISO/IEC 7810 standard)
  • Ideal for ID cards or driving licenses

Tailored laminating machines

Our client, a government printing house, needed a fully automated, low-maintenance machine that could handle large quantities of pouches. Based entirely on their specifications and requirements, we engineered the CODOR HSPM-2. Following extensive testing, we installed this production line laminator on-site and trained the staff on how to operate the device.

We are committed to working closely with our customers at all times. We develop the ultimate solution to your security documents requests. Our dedicated team strives for nothing less than the best and is always at your disposal.

So why not talk to us about your document security challenge?